PNV J23080471+6046521


We have succeeded in obtaining a low-resolution spectrum (R~400) of the PNV J23080471+6046521 (in Cep) on February 2.526 UT, using the DSS-7 spectrometer attached to the 0.40-m Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at the OUS (Okayama Univ. of Sci.) Observatory. Emission lines of Balmer series (FWHM H-alpha ~ 1000 km/s), Fe II (74) and O I (777.3 nm) can be seen in the spectrum. H-alpha and O I lines show clear a P Cygni profile. The expansion velocity derived from these profiles is approximately 1200 km/s. From our result, this object is thought to be a classical nova (Fe II class).